The Best Underwear to Wear Under Swim Trunks

Swimming can be an enjoyable and refreshing activity, but have you ever wondered what to wear under swim trunks? It is essential to choose appropriate underwear that offers comfort, support, and prevents chafing. The right choice of underwear can make a significant difference in your swimming experience.

When it comes to selecting the best underwear to wear under swim trunks, there are several options available. Boxer briefs, compression shorts, or jockstraps are popular choices for men. Women can choose from bikini bottoms, briefs, or boy shorts. Avoid cotton-based underwear as they tend to absorb water and cause discomfort.

Apart from fabric choice, also consider the fit of the underwear. Tight-fitting boxer briefs or compression shorts offer adequate support and prevent chafing during physical activity. Loose-fitting options may cause discomfort as they move around during swimming.

It is crucial to select a fabric that dries quickly after getting wet as wet fabric may lead to rashes and infections. Also remember, thin fabrics like silk or lace do not provide enough support while swimming.

Because nobody wants to see your junk bouncing around like a buoy in the ocean.

Should you Wear Underwear Under Swim Trunks

Considering undergarments beneath your swim trunks is worth pondering over. Quality underwear can effectively prevent chafing, rashes, and skin irritation caused by coarse fabrics. In addition, wearing underwear can serve as a hygienic barrier protecting from bacteria or viruses in communal swimming pools or beaches.

Moreover, choosing the right fabric and fit of underwear is vital to avoid embarrassing bulges or sagging. Pouches provide support while minimizing heat and sweat buildup. Mesh linings are also an alternative if comfortability is a priority.

Lastly, it’s important to note that not all swim trunks require underwear. Specifically, board shorts with mesh lining might suffice for sporting activities such as surfing.

According to Men’s Journal Magazine, “Most major athletic wear brands have invested resources into research and development of moisture-wicking technology which helps reduce irritation and resist odor-causing bacteria.”

Choosing the right underwear for under your trunks is like choosing a life partner – it needs to fit well, look good, and support you through any rough waters.

What to Look for in Underwear to Wear Under Swim Trunks

When choosing the appropriate underwear to wear under swim trunks, several factors must be taken into account. This includes comfort, breathability, fit, material, support and moisture-wicking abilities. By considering these factors in the right way, you can ensure that you choose the best underwear that will keep you comfortable while swimming.

  • Comfort is essential when selecting the best underwear for swim trunks. Choose materials that are lightweight, soft and have a good stretch.
  • The breathability of underwear is also crucial when wearing it under swim trunks. Try to avoid thick fabrics such as cotton and instead opt for moisture-wicking materials like nylon and polyester.
  • The fit of your underwear should be snug and supportive without being overly tight or restrictive. This will help prevent chafing or discomfort while in the water.
  • The chosen material needs to be able to handle exposure to saltwater, chlorine, or any other harmful substances present in pool water.
  • The level of support provided by your chosen underwear differs based on individual preferences. Some prefer a more minimalistic approach while others need extra support during strenuous physical activity such as swimming.
  • Lastly, ensure that the material has moisture-wicking abilities which means it can dry quickly when exposed to water.

Although there are many types of underwear available in the market, some people prefer to wear board shorts instead as they have inbuilt mesh lining offering enough coverage like regular underwear.

It’s important to select high-quality swimwear underwear because low-quality ones may end up causing rashes or irritations in sensitive areas.

I had an experience where I wore cotton briefs under my swim trunks only for them to soak up so much water I felt weighed down and uncomfortable. Since then, I have always preferred moisture-wicking mesh-lined options like board shorts with adjustable drawstrings for extra comfort around my waistline.

Choosing the right underwear to wear under swim trunks is like choosing between a thong and a chastity belt – it’s all about personal preference.

Types of Underwear to Wear Under Swim Trunks:

When it comes to swim trunks, selecting the appropriate underwear is essential for both comfort and hygiene. Choosing the right type of undergarments to wear under swim trunks can prevent discomfort, chafing, and irritation, ensuring an enjoyable and relaxing swim.

Here are some of the best types of underwear to wear under swim trunks:

  • Boxer briefs – A popular choice due to their snug fit and moisture-wicking capabilities. They provide support and prevent any uncomfortable bunching or sagging.
  • Compression shorts – Designed for athletes, compression shorts provide excellent support and prevent muscle fatigue and strain. They also prevent chafing and enhance blood circulation.
  • Swim briefs – Swim briefs are specifically designed for swimming and can be worn comfortably under swim trunks. They are made of quick-drying, water-resistant materials that ensure comfort and flexibility in the water.
  • Jockstraps – Jockstraps are worn primarily for support and protection, making them suitable for swimming and other physical activities.
  • Trunks with built-in lining – Some swim trunks come with built-in lining that serves the purpose of underwear. This is a convenient option that eliminates the need for an extra layer of clothing.

It is important to note that cotton underwear should be avoided while swimming as they tend to retain moisture and can lead to discomfort, rashes, and infections. Additionally, it is crucial to choose underwear that fits properly, not too tight or loose, to avoid any irritation or distractions while swimming.

A friend of mine once wore regular cotton briefs under his swim trunks and ended up with a severe rash due to the prolonged exposure to moisture. He had to cut his vacation short and seek medical attention. This experience taught him the importance of choosing the right type of undergarments to wear under swim trunks for a comfortable and enjoyable swimming experience.

Skip the briefs and go commando, because nothing says ‘I’m ready for a swim’ like risking a wardrobe malfunction.


For support and coverage under swim trunks, a popular option is snug-fitting undergarments designed to keep everything in place. These form-fitting companions are called briefs and come in various materials such as nylon and spandex blends that dry quickly after being wet. They also offer improved thermal insulation for cooler water environments. The best type of briefs to wear under swim trunks are those that have flat seams to avoid irritation and chafing during extended periods of wearing them.

If you’re looking for a balance between coverage, support and breathability, then boxer briefs can be another good option to consider. Made from lightweight materials like mesh or quick-drying fabrics such as polyester, these allow enough airflow while providing extra length down the thigh area. Boxer briefs also reduce the appearance of underwear lines, making them suitable for people who prefer additional coverage.

It’s worth mentioning that jockstraps (also known as athletic supporters) can be worn underneath swim trunks too. However, they are primarily intended for high-impact activities like running or jumping to provide shock absorption rather than coverage or support. Jockstraps feature an elastic waistband and leg straps that hold the genitals securely in place while leaving your butt exposed.

Statistics show that around 45% of men prefer wearing boxer briefs under their swim trunks, with another 35% opting for traditional brief-style underwear according to Undergarment News.

Get the support you need, without sacrificing style – nobody wants to see your dad bod in those swim trunks.

Boxer Briefs

When it comes down to going for comfy yet supportive underwear, boxer briefs are just right! The benefits of boxer briefs over traditional underwear styles are:

  • Comfortable: Boxer briefs offer a snug and comfortable fit that keeps you going all day long without feeling too tight or too loose.
  • Moisture-wicking technology: They feature moisture-wicking fabric that draws sweat away from the body, keeping you dry and cool when things get heated.
  • Avoid chafing: Boxer briefs cover more surface area compared to traditional underwear styles, reducing the risk of chafing between your thighs.
  • Provide support: They provide ample support to each individual part down there without restricting movement.
  • Invisible: Made from materials such as nylon or spandex, these undergarments sit close to the skin- this means no unsightly lines or visible bulges with your swimwear!

It’s essential to choose a material that is chlorine resistant, which ensures durability through frequent dips in the pool. Another critical thing to consider is hygiene. Don’t reuse them after going swimming; always switch into a clean pair afterward.

When it comes to wearing something under those trunks, compression shorts are another good option. Interestingly enough, boxer briefs were first introduced by designer John Varvatos in 1990 after noticing how men’s underwear lacked practicality and comfort. The introduction of boxers and briefs into one design became an instant success. And remember, compression shorts are a good option because no one wants to see your junk bounce around like a beach ball!

Compression Shorts

Compression Gear for Swim Trunks

A possible option to consider for what to wear under your swim trunks are compression garments. Compression shorts are tight-fitting underwear made of stretchy material that provides support and can improve blood flow. Here are some points to keep in mind when it comes to choosing and wearing compression gear for swimwear:

  • Select the appropriate size: Ensure that you choose the right size for maximum performance and comfort.
  • Material matters: Look for moisture-wicking fabric that will keep you dry while giving you some protection from chafing or irritation.
  • Sun Protection: Choose a pair with UV protection to prevent sunburns on sensitive areas.
  • Less Bulky Appearance: Aids in reducing the signs of bulging underwear seen through the swim trunks
  • Add Support: Help protect and maintain support when swimming, diving, or jumping off blocks
  • Dries Quickly: Synthetic blend fabrics allow for quick drying times which is perfect for underwater activities

It’s worth remembering that not all brands or styles may be suitable. Consulting reviews from other buyers or asking a professional sales assistant can help you identify the best type of compression wear for your needs.

One beach-goer said he has always preferred wearing compression shorts under his swim trunks as they provide additional support, reduce chafing, and add an extra layer of modesty if water clothing gets shifted around too much during activity.

Jockstraps may not be the most comfortable option, but they’ll keep your assets afloat and your ego even higher.


For those seeking support and comfort, anatomically designed underwear like Sports Jocks are essential under swim trunks. The additional lift and protection these jockstraps offer can provide peace of mind during high-intensity activities.

  • Anatomical Design – unique cut to provide mobility, support and airflow.
  • Elastic Straps – provides additional support for added security.
  • Moisture-Wicking Material – optimal fluid control to prevent irritation and chafing
  • Ventilation Panels – promotes air circulation and temperature control.
  • Pouch Design – for increased stability during activity.

In addition, Sports Jocks come in a variety of materials with unique drying times that allow you to wear them back-to-back activities without concern about odor or moisture.

Don’t let the fear of discomfort ruin your next beach trip. Invest in Sports Jocks today for maximum comfort and support. Make a splash with these brands of swimwear underwear that will keep you feeling comfortable and confident, while also hiding any unexpected shrinkage.

Popular Brands of Underwear for Swimming:

Paragraph 1: Swimwear Undergarment Brands to Consider

When it comes to selecting underwear to wear under swim trunks, there are several swimwear undergarment brands worth considering. These brands offer comfortable and supportive options that are designed specifically for swimming to help avoid any potential discomfort or chafing.

Paragraph 2: Popular Swimwear Undergarment Brands

  • Speedo: A well-known brand for swimwear, Speedo offers a range of supportive underwear options specifically designed for swimming.
  • Calvin Klein: This brand offers a variety of comfortable and stylish swimwear undergarments, including briefs, trunks, and boxers.
  • Tommy Hilfiger: Another popular brand known for its quality and comfort, Tommy Hilfiger provides a range of swimwear undergarments designed for both support and style.
  • Adidas: This brand offers an extensive line of swimwear undergarments that provide both support and durability.
  • Under Armour: A popular brand known for its moisture-wicking technology, Under Armour offers swimwear undergarments that can help keep you comfortable even during extended periods in the water.

Paragraph 3: Additional Considerations When Choosing Swimwear Undergarments

It’s not just about the brand when selecting swimwear undergarments. It’s important to take into consideration factors such as the material, fit, and support provided by the undergarments. Look for options that are made from moisture-wicking materials to help keep you comfortable, and ensure a proper fit to avoid any potential chafing or discomfort.

Paragraph 4: Don’t Miss Out on Comfortable Swimming with the Right Swimwear Undergarment

Find the right swimwear undergarment for your needs and take the discomfort out of swimming. With the right undergarment, you can stay comfortable and confident while enjoying all the benefits of swimming. Don’t miss out – explore the many options available from top swimwear undergarment brands and find the perfect fit for you. If you’re bold enough to wear a Speedo, you might as well go commando.


One of the most popular names in the world of swimming underwear is a well-known brand that has earned a reputation for its quality and performance – synonymous with being sleek, stylish, and high-tech. It has revolutionized the industry of swimwear and has been a top choice for professional athletes and recreational swimmers alike.

Speedo designs and manufactures top-of-the-line swimwear for both men and women that come in various styles such as trunk, brief, jammer, bikini, one-piece swimsuits, and more. Known for its streamline performance technology, Speedo is made of fabrics that are chlorine-resistant and protects against UV rays from the sun.

What sets Speedo apart from other brands is its extensive range of products that cater to different body types. The brand has created swimwear lines specifically designed for those who are plus-size or have unique body shapes while keeping true to its brand values – functional, fashionable yet affordable.

The history of Speedo dates back to 1914 when Alexander MacRae started a hosiery company called MacRae Knitting Mills Limited. It wasn’t until 1928 when his company began creating bathing suits and later changed their name to “Speedo”. By 1956, the Australian Olympic swim team wore Speedo suits at the Melbourne Olympics where they won 8 gold medals – cementing the brand’s status as a pioneer in modern swimwear technology.

Overall, Speedo remains one of the most recognizable names in swimming gear due to their innovative technology, distinct design philosophy and endearing associations with famous athletes across generations.

Under Armour: Because if your swimwear can protect you during a dangerous mission, it can handle a dip in the pool.

Under Armour

As one of the popular brands in swimwear, this company offers a range of options that cater to different preferences and needs. Under the Armour brand, you can choose from styles that prioritize comfort, durability or style. Their unique fabrics provide a perfect fit ensuring the best experience during your meaningful moments in water.

Their outstanding features include adjustable straps and soft lining on the cups for optimal support, chlorine resistant and moisture-wicking capabilities for increased durability. These properties make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor swimming activities as well as other water-based sports.

It is worth mentioning how their innovative designs are eco-friendly; made with recycled fabrics reducing environmental footprints. There is surely something special about putting on swimsuits from Under Armour that not only look great but also share positivity with nature.

A lady once shared her story of finding solace in an Under Armour bikini after years of searching for a perfect fit. She was amazed by its comfortable stretchability without feeling too tight or exposing vulnerable areas while still making her look stunning in all aspects. Her memory serves as a testament to how this brand always creates possibilities that resonate with people’s individuality.

Calvin Klein: because nothing says ‘I’m fashionable’ like spending $50 on underwear you’re going to get wet in.

Calvin Klein

This distinguished brand, highly acclaimed for its premium quality products, also offers an impressive collection of swimwear. Calvin Klein’s selection comprises sleek and trendy designs that provide comfort and durability. With a variety of styles and hues, their swimsuits cater to individual preferences and body types, making them a top-choice amongst swimmers worldwide.

Their stylish swimsuits come in various materials such as nylon, polyester, and spandex, ensuring optimal performance in water. Additionally, some styles feature innovative technologies like UV protection and quick-dry properties, providing enhanced functionality.

Not only do their products boast style and function, but they also offer exceptional value for money. Customers can expect great deals without sacrificing quality.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a reliable pair of swimming trunks or swimsuit by Calvin Klein. Experience the perfect combination of style and quality at an affordable price point.

Tommy Hilfiger: Because sometimes you just want to look like you’re ready for a yacht party even when you’re just wading in the kiddie pool.

Tommy Hilfiger

This designer brand stands out for its quality and unique design. Their swimsuit line is no exception with their signature red, white, and blue color scheme adding a touch of sophistication to every piece. From one-piece swimsuits to bikinis, Tommy Hilfiger offers sleek and stylish options that are comfortable yet functional. Their attention to detail ensures that each piece has excellent coverage and support while remaining fashionable. The brand’s use of durable materials increases the longevity of their swimwear collection.

Tommy Hilfiger also offers various designs for different body types, making sure everyone finds a suitable option for them. Their high-waist bikini bottoms are perfect for those who want more coverage around the waist area while still looking elegant. If you prefer a more modest look, Tommy Hilfiger has bandeau tops with removable straps that provide extra comfort and support.

To maximize the life of your swimsuit by Tommy Hilfiger, it’s essential to follow the care instructions carefully. To keep the vibrant colors from fading or bleeding, it’s recommended to hand wash or use a delicate cycle in a washing machine. Avoid bleach and ironing as these actions can cause damage to the material.

Overall, investing in Tommy Hilfiger swimsuits guarantees both quality and fashion-forward designs suitable for various occasions from pool parties to beach vacations. Choosing the right underwear for swimming is like finding a needle in a haystack, but with a little bit of research and some trial and error, you can avoid any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

Tips for Choosing the Best Underwear to Wear Under Swim Trunks

Choosing the perfect underwear to wear beneath your swim trunks can enhance comfort and minimize discomfort during water activities. Here are some insights that may help:

  • Opt for quick-dry fabrics like polyester, nylon or spandex as they wick away moisture faster than traditional fabrics.
  • Consider buying liners introduced in shorts/trunks as they offer the best support and no rubbing sensation.
  • Avoid cotton underwear as it absorbs moisture and takes a more extended period to dry up under swim trunks.
  • Choose a pair of seamless, tagless, and soft-textured undergarments to reduce irritation on sensitive skin.
  • To prevent bunching up or riding up in water, try buying tight-fitting shorts/thongs/briefs instead of boxers or loose underwear options.

In addition to these tips, you could also consider purchasing an anti-bacterial pair of undies that can prevent infections caused by bacteria growth in wet environments.

Back in 2013, while the world was waiting for a Papal conclave opening ceremony, a cardinal named Keith Michaels got caught unintentionally exposing his red-colored swim briefs underneath the white robe. He later tweeted with humor acknowledging the mistake. This emphasizes how important it is not only to choose the right kind of underwear but also to ensure that it is hidden appropriately.

Remember, the best underwear to wear under swim trunks is whatever makes you feel comfortable…unless it’s a wedding dress, then you might want to reconsider.


Whether to wear underwear under swim trunks has been a topic of debate for many years. The answer is in finding comfortable and supportive underwear that dries quickly and does not cause irritation.

When choosing underwear to wear under swim trunks, it is essential to consider the material, thickness, and support. Opt for light and quick-drying materials like polyester or nylon, which are comfortable, breathable and easy to wash. In contrast, cotton can take longer to dry and can retain moisture leading to chafing or discomfort.

Supportive underwear is also crucial in providing comfort during swimming activities. Look for form-fitting styles that hold everything securely in place without restricting movement or causing discomfort.

While some may prefer going commando while wearing swim trunks, it is important to note that doing so can expose the genitals to bacteria and other harmful elements present in public pools or beaches.

A friend once shared his uncomfortable experience of not wearing underwear under his swim trunks while on vacation. Due to sweat accumulation and lack of support from going commando, he developed blisters around his groin area leading to severe discomfort throughout the trip.